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Businesses have a lot happening on any given day. They are responsible for day-to-day operations, serving customers, and ensuring that their property is cleaned and maintained. However, their primary responsibility is to handle daily business needs, and that often means that janitorial services and other cleaning or maintenance needs get put on the back burner. 

The truth is that these services help provide you with the freedom to take care of business while ensuring that your space is clean and sanitary for customers, employees, visitors, and anyone else who may walk through your doors. No matter what industry you are in, using commercial services like these provides substantial benefits and makes a difference in your facility. Check out these top 4 services to consider trying in your facility. 

1. Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are one of the most basic and most important services you could possibly utilize. This is the cornerstone of keeping your workspace and facilities clean for everyone. In most cases, you can customize your services in a way that best meets your needs. You can hire services that come in daily, weekly, overnight, or whatever works for you. 

The daily services offered to you may vary, but here are the types of things we offer at Limpio Services:

It’s the simple things like dusting or taking out the trash that only takes moments, but they aren’t your priority. So instead of worrying about them or making your already-overworked handle it, work with a company that can handle the service for you. Tailor a janitorial package to perfectly meet the needs of your facility. The benefits are endless. 

Allowing a professional team to handle cleaning duties like these ensures you have a pleasant and sanitary environment for everyone. These little things often help to improve well-being and motivation with your employees. Plus, it makes a much better impression on clients and visitors. 

2. Carpet Cleaning

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When was the last time your carpets were cleaned? Let’s be honest – it’s probably been a while. When it comes to carpet cleaning, so many businesses put it off as long as possible. We get it. There is cost and disruption associated with carpet cleaning. However, when you work with the right company, they make sure your needs are met, and they often work within your schedule parameters to avoid disruption. 

Any area with carpet in it can quickly pile up with dirt, wear, and stains. People who enter your facility will notice if your carpet is looking dingy. In commercial and industrial locations, routine carpet cleaning is a must. It contributes to sanitation in the facility and significantly improves the look of the space. 

With modern carpet cleaning services, the professionals have advanced equipment and techniques that will make your carpets look brand-new when they’re done. Plus, they will be sanitized and healthy again. Cleaning even improves the lifespan of your carpets. 

Allow a professional to help you with routine carpet maintenance as well as deep cleaning as needed. Keep carpets fresh and looking great for everyone. 

3. Floor Maintenance

Floor maintenance can be challenging when you have surfaces like laminate, vinyl, tile, or hardwood. Even with surfaces like epoxy or terrazzo, you need routine maintenance and care to keep them looking their best. That’s where we come in. There are different ways to maintain and upkeep those floors. You need everyday care, but you also need to consider the maintenance that is required over time as well. 

Sweeping and mopping only go so far. Are they vital? Absolutely! But do your floors sometimes need more than that? Yes! 

These are some floor maintenance services that you may want to consider: 

These deeper services typically just need to be done on a scheduled rotation or on an as-needed basis. They are similar to carpet cleaning but designed for other types of flooring. They are the deep cleaning step to refresh your flooring surface and maintain the visual appeal of the floors in your facility. 

Services like these help to maintain the integrity of the flooring surface so that the surfaces last much longer. In addition, it’s a great way to address stains, scratches, wear patterns, and other issues that take away from the aesthetics. 

4. Facility Maintenance

The fourth service to consider is facility maintenance. We’ve talked about regular cleaning, we’ve talked about taking care of your flooring services, but what about the rest of the facility? Do you have a maintenance crew that simply can’t keep up with things like pressure washing the exterior of the building seasonally or fixing that leak in the kitchen? Maintenance personnel are often overrun with tasks and have a never-ending list that they won’t be able to finish. 

That’s because big facilities have a lot of work to do to maintain them. Plus, maintenance crews often have a much bigger job and are in charge of inner facility maintenance, too. When you hire professional maintenance, they can help you take care of the mundane tasks that no one has time for. This could include janitorial services, floor care services, pressure washing services, and more. 

Let your internal maintenance handle the plumbing repairs, electrical maintenance, and HVAC upkeep and trust us to handle the rest. That’s a great way to find a balance with a trusted partner so you can focus on keeping business running, and your maintenance staff can finally make progress on their to-do list. 

Count on Limpio Services for Your Janitorial Services and More

No matter where your facility struggles with keeping up and deep cleaning needs, we can help. At Limpio Services, we provide a wide array of commercial services to ensure your cleaning and upkeep needs are met. We prioritize quality care and work hard to make sure we tailor our services to your facility’s needs. 

Contact us today to start scheduling your services! 

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