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Handling floor maintenance in a commercial facility is a big task. Your janitorial staff likely isn’t trained or equipped for floor care. And if they are, finding the time to deep clean the floors can be a phenomenal challenge. You don’t have to navigate floor care and maintenance on your own. Instead, consider hiring a team that understands different types of floors and can provide the maintenance and care you need when you need it. 

If you want people to look at those floors and be impressed at the upkeep, consider investing in some sort of service plan that handles it for you. 

What Does Floor Maintenance Service Cover? 

We know that not every facility has the same floors. That means a floor care plan for maintenance should be tailored to your needs. Depending on your facility, you may need monthly maintenance, or you may be satisfied with biannual care and maintenance. That is where working with a team to determine the best plan really comes in handy. 

When you think about floor care and maintenance, it goes beyond just sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming. While those are crucial parts of cleaning, they are typically covered under traditional janitorial services. Instead, a floor care plan is all about the upkeep that needs a little extra attention from time to time. 

Floor care may include these things and more: 

What you need will depend on your floors. The frequency at which you need these services will depend on your preferences and your facility. We can work with you to determine that. 

Carpet Cleaning

Routine vacuuming only does so much for carpet. This is particularly true of commercial facilities that often have heavy foot traffic and may expose carpet to oil, liquids, and other things that leave stains behind. 

Even when the surface of your carpet looks clean, there is generally a lot of underlying dirt and debris. Carpet cleaning doesn’t just make the carpet look nice again. It also helps refresh the space and sanitize the area. 

You have no idea what lurks in the layers of your carpet. With carpet cleaning, we can spot clean, bonnet clean, dry clean, steam clean, or other methods that work for your carpet needs. 

Stripping and Waxing

floor maintenance

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From time to time, different types of floors need to be stripped and waxed to keep them looking their best. This is most common with surfaces like wood, tile, or even vinyl. As wear and tear happens, the surface starts to look dull and dingy. Stripping and waxing them makes them look almost brand-new. 

The stripping process gets all the dirt, debris, and any sealants or layers off so you have a fresh surface. Then, the floors are waxed and possibly sealed again. The result is a shiny and protected floor that looks great and is restored to handle the needs of your facility. 

At Limpio Services, we always use eco-friendly products for services like these. 

Buffing and Polishing

Buffing and polishing sometimes goes along with stripping and waxing. However, it can also be its own process. This step is all about making your floors shine with a deep clean and coating of the surface. Your floors will be refreshed, and their glow will put a smile on your face. 

Buffing and polishing requires specialized equipment to first buff down the floor and then follow up with polishing. We use high-quality equipment to help provide the best possible results for both the buffing and polishing process. 

The end result is a floor that looks nearly brand-new again. It also has been polished and coated so that it is protected and will help reduce the wear and any scratches that happen naturally in a workplace. 

Grout and Tile Cleaning

Grout and tile are some of the hardest materials to keep looking nice over time. It’s not because you are doing anything wrong; it’s just that the porous nature of grout allows it to become discolored. Most tile is also porous or has grooves that can hold dirt and make it look dank over time. 

Cleaning the tile and grout not only refreshes the aesthetics of your floors; it also sanitizes the floors to make your environment more hygienic. When it comes to cleaning, we use specialized products to get all the dirt and grime out of the tile and the grout. We also sanitize the tiles so they are safe and clean. They will look brand-new when the cleaning is done! 

Why Hire Floor Maintenance Services? 

It can be challenging to convince the leaders and powers that be that you need to hire services like these. It’s not because they don’t want a clean facility, but they often don’t want to make the investment. What they fail to realize is how essential a clean and sanitized workplace can be, even down to your floors. 

They take care of the daily cleaning and then brush aside the need for deeper floor care from time to time. But it’s an essential need, and every commercial facility or business should invest in it. 

Investing in these services takes the burden off of employees who already have more than enough on their plate. It provides a clean and safe environment for all – customers and employees alike! 

Let Limpio Services Handle Your Floor Maintenance Needs

At Limpio Services, we take great care in offering tailored services to meet your needs. Our clients are valuable to us and we strive to bring you exceptional service every time. We have many different options for floor care and maintenance, and we’re happy to work with you to come up with the best approach to meet your needs. 

Contact us today and let’s start planning your floor care. It’s time to invest in an important part of flooring upkeep. How can we help? 

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