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When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, keeping up with it is especially important. Many commercial settings experience heavy foot traffic, which means carpeted spaces are vulnerable to dirt, stains, odors, and more. For proper maintenance and care, hiring commercial carpet cleaning in Lakeland is the best thing you can do. 

But what exactly does carpet cleaning entail? Take a look at this guide as we walk through the carpet cleaning process, discuss techniques and methods, and get you well on your way to enjoying cleaner carpets. 

Why is Commercial Carpet Cleaning So Important? 

Carpet cleaning offers many benefits. The most obvious benefit is that it makes your carpets cleaner. A carpet that looks dirty and drab can be refreshed and look much nicer. But it’s not necessarily just about the looks, if we’re being honest. 

Carpet cleaning also helps to eliminate and remove trapped pollutants and nasty debris hidden deep within the confines of the carpet. If you were to look underneath the carpet or in the bottom layers, you would find several pounds of gross things lurking. It just naturally accumulates there. And that doesn’t even consider stains or odors. 

When you hire professional carpet cleaners, you are improving the air in the facility and improving the state of the carpet, from its appearance to the hidden layers beneath the surface. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Assessment and Planning

In most cases, the professionals will assess and inspect the carpets before they start anything. This gives them the chance to thoroughly inspect and determine a plan for the process. They can assess the extent of soiling, stains that need to be treated, and whether there is damage to address. 

This step also gives them a chance to understand the type of carpet they are working with in case any specialized steps need to be taken for the carpeting materials. It may seem silly to assess and inspect, but this step is vital to ensuring the carpet cleaning process is tailored to your carpet needs. 

The results? Carpet cleaning is completed effectively and without accidentally damaging the carpet in the process. 

Initial Vacuuming

Before the carpet can be deep cleaned, it needs to be vacuumed thoroughly. Even if you recently vacuumed, the professional carpet cleaners are going to vacuum directly before proceeding. This is critical to help remove any loose dirt or debris that could impede the cleaning process. 

In addition, the suctioning pull of the vacuum will help to loosen up deeply embedded dirt or debris to help the following treatments work as they should. Commercial carpet cleaners typically have high-powered commercial-strength vacuums to handle this step. 

Spot and Stain Treatment

If the carpet has any stains or spots that need to be treated, professional companies will use a pre-treatment on these areas. Their specialized treatments are designed to help break down the stains and remove any underlying contaminants, grease, dirt, etc. 

We all know there are different types of stains, and they may require different treatment methods. The professional companies will know what method or cleaning process to use to appropriately treat the stain to make it come up as they proceed with cleaning. 

Hot Water Extraction

The most common commercial carpet cleaning used is typically hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. This process injects hot water paired with a cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibers. The machine uses high pressure with the water process to loosen any fibers, dirt, stains, and more. 

The machine will simultaneously extract the heated, dirty water back out of the carpet, removing the dirt and debris with it. The nasty allergens, bacteria, and dirt that were lurking down there are extracted, leaving behind a clean carpet that’s fully refreshed. 

Bonnet Cleaning

Another common method is bonnet cleaning. This method is typically used between deep cleanings to help maintain a clean appearance. The process uses a rotating buffer, a cleaning solution, and a bonnet pad to scrub the surface of the carpet. 

The rotating buffer and cleaner will agitate the carpet fibers and absorb the contaminants within. This does provide great results and is perfect for maintenance because it’s quick and effective. However, it may not last as long as deeper cleans since it mostly focuses on the surface. 

Dry Cleaning

Finally, a dry cleaning compound or foam can be used as well. This is most popular for carpet materials that are very delicate or cannot handle the moisture used with other processes. Dry cleaning uses a specialized machine to work the dry compound or foam into the carpet. That compound absorbs dirt and debris and is then vacuumed up to remove it completely. 

Final Inspection and Finishing

When the carpet cleaning process is finished, the team will complete any final tasks. They will inspect the carpet to ensure it has been adequately cleaned and that stains or spots are gone. 

If there are any last touches needed for grooming, this occurs now to help reset the carpet fibers to achieve an excellent appearance. 

Let Limpio Services Handle Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Lakeland! 

If your commercial facility in Lakeland is in need of carpet cleaning, lean on the professionals at Limpio Services to help you get the job done. Carpet cleaning on a commercial level is a comprehensive process that assesses, plans, vacuums, cleans accordingly, and inspects to be sure the job is complete. 

We know the various techniques and can help determine the best approach to get your carpets clean, refreshed, and looking their best! Contact us today to get a quote, and let us help you enjoy clean, healthy carpets in your space. 

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